Libre and distributed professional networking.

deknil is a fearless badger in the making. It will be a libre and distributed social network that will take on linkedin's closed doors and bring openness, fairness and distributed control to professional networking.

During the course of its development we plan to make deknil super user-friendly, it uses a very different architecture so that you can break out of centralized control, using it would be as easy as using any other networking software.

Unlike linkedin, there won't be uncontactable and unanswerable people in ivory towers who will moderate you and decide what you can say.

Freedom is at the heart of deknil, and it will be fearless like the honey badger that takes on a lion.


Never rely on evil.

deknil will free you from relying on a centralized evil network to network for your professional needs. We will put your data your control and unavoidable advertising will be absent.

deknil's administration, decision making, will be under the open sun, and won't be controlled by the filthy rich. Anyone can participate in the decision making of deknil, just because you donated to us, and someone didn't, the persons who donated won't be held up high. All humans will be equal.

Tech stack

Solid foundation.

We plan to write deknil on the rock solid foundations of functional programming. We will be using Clojure for most of our work. We will use htmx as front end JavaScript library. We plan to use Bulma for designing, Bootstrap icons for decoration, and the code will be hosted on Forgejo.

How it works

Distributed architecture.

At its initial state we will be shipping a software that works on your desktop, as you update your content, it will create static website and upload it to a server. For those who don't have a server, deknil will provide some space for charge. Initially deknil will be a glorified static website that shows your professional updates.

In it second stage you will be able to pull content from your friends servers, sot hat your desktop app feels like linkedin.

May be in the third stage you can comment on your fiends content, this will be uploaded to your server which your friend can pull it.


Know what's happening.

Network with us, follow us on these social links:

Let's keep in touch.


Join us to kill evil.

We need lot of help to bring freedom to professional networking, we would be glad to have your help. You can contribute in the following ways:

Spread the word

Just spreading the word about freedom strikes fear in the hearts of evil. So please tell your friends there is a fearless badger named deknil in the making.


We need artists to create artwork for deknil. Please send contact us if you are interested.


This is coding project, if you are good enough in coding, you can say a 'hi' to us, we can see where it goes.


If you are interested in deknil, but cannot help in the above ways, you can send us some money to lift our spirits. Please see the Donate section on ways to send money.


Little drops make mighty oceans.

We are working on getting donations. Please hang on.